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Sexual Assault Injuries

Legal Help in Arizona Following Sexual Assault/Rape Injuries

Personal Injury Law Legal Help in Arizona Since 1993

Many victims of sexual assault assume that the only legal recourse involved in sexual assault occurrences involve criminal law and the prosecution of the crime. Many victims of physical and sexual assault, though, can pursue financial compensation following an attack. How and against whom?

Defendants in sexual assault, personal injury cases are most often property owners who are guilty of negligence. For example:

  • The owners of office buildings, sports and entertainment facilities, residential property complexes and other public property, can be found liable if they don’t have adequate security on site or if the security personnel did not respond effectively
  • Employers of harassing employees may be liable for damages
  • Family members who knew of sex abuse within families, and took no preventative action, can sometimes be found liable for injuries
  • Owners of nursing homes and group homes can be found guilty of negligent hiring and supervisory practices
  • Owners of public property can be found liable if sexual assaults occur in areas that are deemed unsafe due to poor lighting and other dangerous conditions

If you have personal injury law questions following assault injuries, attorney John Breslo of the Scottsdale, Arizona, personal injury firm of The Breslo Law Firm can quickly provide an assessment of your right to compensation. Mr. Breslo enjoys a reputation throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for:

  • Friendly and attentive client services
  • Results based on 17 years of experience in pursuing financial compensation for injuries that result from another’s carelessness, negligence or violence

At The Breslo Law Firm, we will listen to your full concerns and can provide the caring, compassionate, hands-on and results-driven legal help you need following sexual assault injuries. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following injuries, contact our firm.

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