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Scottsdale Assisted Living Center Neglect Attorney

Assisted Living Injury Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona; We Take Action to Protect Your Loved One from Falls and Other Harm

Residents of an assisted living center do not need to be monitored and tended as closely as patients in a nursing home; yet neither are they able to live independently. This halfway existence makes elderly persons in assisted living especially vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

If you suspect that your loved one’s injury or health problems stem from mistreatment or failure to supervise, The Breslo Law Firm can help. We advocate for assisted living facility residents in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona.

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Assisted Living Center Neglect

Administrators often admit people who are poor candidates for assisted living because of physical or mental frailty or acute medical conditions better suited for nursing home care. New residents should be assessed for fall risk, cognitive deficits, independent living skills and other safety concerns.

Inadequate staffing levels and training contribute to the problem. Elderly residents who need periodic assistance are left alone in their rooms, sometimes suffering for hours or entire days. Health and nutrition suffer for lack of medical supervision and neglected hygiene. And because residents are more isolated in their apartments, abuse may go unnoticed.

Our attorneys hold facilities accountable for the aftermath of assisted living center neglect, including:

Taking Action to Protect Your Loved One

We can step in to make sure your loved one will be protected from further harm, including transfer to a better-run assisted living center or a more appropriate nursing care setting. We also pursue compensation for the lasting and unforgivable harm to your family member’s mind, body and spirit.

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