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Nursing Home Abuse: Don’t Let it Happen to Your Loved One

Posted by on June 9, 2012

When our beloved elders are no longer able to care for themselves and we are not equipped to give them the best care, we turn to professionals for help. That can be a very scary place to be in life, so it’s best to know what to look for to be sure they are well cared for.

Nursing home abuse can come in so many forms, one really has to be aware of what the dangers are and how to look out for them. Obvious signs are simple – is the place clean and do the patients seem to be well cared for? Pop by for an unannounced visit before you place your loved one in any given facility to see what they look like when they’re not prepared for your arrival and a tour. This will give you a more accurate view of how things normally look.

Once a place has been chosen, be sure to keep open and frequent communications with the staff and your beloved to alleviate some of your worries. It can be difficult if your loved one is experiencing any level of dementia, so you may have to do some regular body scans to be sure they are well cared for.

Be sure to look for restraint marks, bed sores, cleanliness of their clothes, and bedding. See to it that they are eating properly and are hydrated. Keep an eye out for bruises that look as though they may have fallen out of bed or in the shower.

As we age, we revert back to a state of dependency on someone to be our advocate. Be sure to stand firm in advocacy and report any possible discrepancies.

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