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Truck Accidents Due to Driver Fatigue and Substance Abuse

Trucking Accidents from Driver Fatigue, Drinking and Drug Use

Legal Help When Truck Drivers and Truck Companies Act Unsafely

Truck drivers and transportation companies know that, when operating a semi truck, there is little margin for error. “Regular” tractor-trailers weigh up to 80,000 pounds empty and longer combination vehicles ( LCVs) like triples, turnpike doubles and rocky mountain double can weigh 129,000 to 147,000 pounds before loaded. When that level of weight is moving at 65 or 70 miles per hour, operators should be concerned with one thing: the safety of other drivers.

Unfortunately, driver and transport company negligence is common, resulting in accidents caused by:

  • Drivers who exceed federal laws that regulate and limit the amount of hours a driver can drive in a given time period
  • Drivers who use drugs and alcohol, leading to unsafe driving
  • Trucking companies who fail to properly screen drivers, resulting in the employment of drivers with substance abuse problems and with a record of drunk driving

If you were injured in a truck accident, contact the The Breslo Law Firm of Scottsdale, Arizona. We have handled hundreds of personal injury claims and dozens of truck accident claims and can conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

We Take the Stress Out of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Initiating a lawsuit can be stressful. Stress increases when you’re new to the legal process; you anticipate working with an unfamiliar lawyer and you’re grappling with injuries or the loss of a loved one.

Firm attorney John Breslo focuses his practice on assuring and helping clients through friendly and one-on-one service while providing aggressive and experienced legal help. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following a truck accident, contact our firm.

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