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Arizona Truck Accident Lawyer

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Roadways like Highway 101 are busy corridors of commercial traffic in the Scottsdale area. Under the best of circumstances, the speed and mass of trucks driving through this area can make it dangerous for other motorists. When careless drivers and negligent trucking companies are involved, innocent lives can be shattered and lost.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a truck accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Breslo Law Firm can help you pursue monetary compensation for the hardships you have endured and will continue to endure.

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Help Dealing With Truck Accident Injuries

At The Breslo Law Firm, we handle a wide range of motor vehicle accident claims, including those involving semi trucks (18-wheelers, tractor-trailers) and other large vehicles. Due to the speed and mass involved in truck accidents, they often lead to serious injuries and wrongful death.

When handling truck accident injury cases, we work to discover the cause of the accident, asking questions such as:

  • Was the truck properly maintained?
  • Were there errors in loading that made the truck unsafe?
  • Was the driver fatigued?
  • Did drug or alcohol abuse contribute to the accident?

Our attorneys utilize accident reconstruction experts and other resources to uncover the facts and build compelling cases for our clients. We will carefully review every aspect of your accident and injuries to determine the present-day and future impact this accident has had on your life. Helping you obtain the monetary compensation you need is our highest priority.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck wreck, we are here to help you explore your legal options. Contact us today online to speak with an experienced semi tractor trailer car wreck attorney. For your convenience, we offer home and hospital visits by request. We are able to accommodate clients who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and other languages.

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