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Tire Failure and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car and Truck Accidents and Tire Failure

Motor Vehicle Accident Law Legal Help in Arizona Since 1993

When you have been seriously injured in a car or truck accident due to a tire failure, how will you make sure you’ll have the money to pay for medical care and make up for lost income? When you lose a loved one in a motor vehicle accident involving a defective car part, who can provide helpful and knowledgeable defective product law and personal injury law legal help?

Lawyer John Breslo of the Scottsdale, Arizona, personal injury firm of The Breslo Law Firm ,car has helped and reassured hundreds of injured clients through friendly and informative client services and through experienced, results-driven legal services. The result? Millions of dollars in combined compensation recovered for, truck and motorcycle accident victims.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident involving tire failure, a tire blowout or other automobile part problem, contact The Breslo Law Firm immediately to discuss your rights. Call 480-779-4660 .

When tires fail and injuries and wrongful death result, a key legal challenge is identifying the correct defendant or defendants. Depending on the facts of the case, a manufacturer, retailer, distributor or even service station may be held liable. Once the defendant(s) is identified, aggressive legal action is needed to further investigate the claim, document injuries and gather information regarding lost wages and future lost income.

We strive to make the legal process easy for you while working hard and effectively toward the goal of winning your maximum compensation. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following a tire-related motor vehicle accident, contact our firm.

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