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Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler Motorcycle Accidents

Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motor Vehicle Accident Law Legal Help in Arizona Since 1993

If you think motorcycle accident legal cases are handled similarly to car and truck accidents, you’re right. There are, however, key differences, and these differences can make the difference between legal success and failure — and can affect the compensation amount obtained. For example:

  • Juries tend to be biased against motorcyclists. Insurance companies know this and factor this information into how they handle a case. Specifically, they are more willing to go to court and face a jury.
  • Motorcyclists face strict laws regarding helmets, eye protection, handlebars, mirrors and other equipment. Failure to adhere to motorcycle laws can result in liability issues.
  • Motorcyclists typically face more severe injuries resulting in the need for the involvement of medical experts and specialists in lawsuits.

At the Arizona personal injury firm of The Breslo Law Firm, we bring 17 years of experience handing both car and truck accident and motorcycle accidents in the Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler area. Our experience means that:

  • We have litigated motorcycle accidents in court.
  • We are fully familiar with motorcycle operation laws.
  • We have worked with highly specialized treating physicians and medical experts and can draw on their testimony and knowledge during the legal process.

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident in Mesa, Gilbert or Chandler or in any city in the Phoenix, Arizona, area? Firm lawyer John Breslo has recovered substantial compensation for numerous motorcycle injury clients and for families who have lost loved ones in fatal motorcycle crashes. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following a motorcycle or bike crash, contact our firm.

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