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Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Scottsdale

Collisions With Delivery Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Delivery drivers are often in a hurry to meet a deadline. They may not be as sharp or careful after many hours at the wheel. When an accident happens, their job or CDL license might be on the line — they are motivated to tell the police and their boss that the crash was your fault.

The Breslo Law Firm will uphold your rights and fight to hold a commercial driver and the employer responsible for your injuries from a collision. We have handled commercial vehicle accidents in Scottsdale, Greater Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Our attorneys have the experience, resources and negotiating skills to maximize compensation for injuries suffered in a crash with a commercial vehicle, such as:

  • Package truck (FedEx, UPS) or delivery van
  • Taxi cab or shuttle bus
  • Rental truck
  • Pizza delivery car
  • Landscaping or construction vehicle
  • Garbage truck
  • Tractor-trailer

Commercial vehicles are well-insured, but the company and its insurer may contest liability. We are skilled at demonstrating the negligence of the commercial driver, such as speeding, following too close, failure to yield, backing up without looking, distracted driving or fatigue. We look into the driver’s history of accidents or moving violations, as well as the employer’s safety record and vehicle maintenance records.

Serious Injury From Commercial Truck Wrecks

We know that collisions with trucks can cause serious or permanent injuries even at relatively low speed. Our lawyers have recovered damages for everything from brain damage and spinal cord injury to broken bones and soft tissue damage. We assemble a demand package to cover the medical care, lost earnings and your or your loved one’s pain and suffering.

Free Consultation With Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a family member was injured in a crash with a delivery vehicle, contact us online or call 800-203-8709 . We offer home and hospital visits by request. We can accommodate clients who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and other languages.

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