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Scottsdale Head-On Collision Accident Lawyer

Serious Representation for Front-End Car Crashes

Head-on collisions are the deadliest type of car crash. Those who do survive often suffer critical injuries from the massive impact. Head-on crashes also create chaotic accident scenes that make it difficult to determine what happened.

The Breslo Law Firm excels at demonstrating liability and damages in these complex and devastating collisions. If your loved one was badly injured or killed in a head-on crash, we will fight for comprehensive compensation.

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Injuries or Death From a Head-On Collision

Our lawyers are all too familiar with the awful aftermath when two vehicles smash head-on. We have handled cases in which the driver or passengers were ejected from the car, thrown into the windshield, or crushed or pinned in the wreckage. We have won damages for catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injury, amputation or brain trauma, and a number of wrongful deaths.

Other common injuries in less severe head-on collision accidents include head wounds and chest injuries, broken legs, lacerations and burns or smoke inhalation if the car catches fire. We work with doctors and other professionals to calculate compensation for the medical bills, future surgery and care, lost income and the substantial pain and suffering.

Investigation of Front-Impact Crashes

We have a network of experts, including accident reconstructionists who can help us decipher clues from the accident scene, wreckage, survivor accounts, witness statements and law enforcement reports to piece together what happened. We work to prove that the other vehicle crossed the centerline into our client’s lane or otherwise caused an unavoidable head-on collision and the factors that led up to it: racing on the highway, illegal passing, drunk driving or distraction such as texting while driving.

Our attorneys have represented injury victims in Scottsdale, the Greater Phoenix area and statewide for more than 15 years. We know how to build a strong case to negotiate the best settlement or convince a jury to award full damages.

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