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Auto Accidents Resulting From Texting While Driving

Due to the dangers associated with distracted driving, Phoenix became the first city in the nation to ban text messaging while driving. It looks like the state legislature agrees with Phoenix’s decision; it is, even now, working hard to pass a statewide ban and may send an approved bill to Governor Brewer soon.What does this mean to victims of car accidents caused by texting drivers? Municipal and state laws support injury victims’ claims to compensation following texting related accidents.

If you have been injured in a car or truck accident involving cell phone use or phone texting, contact The Breslo Law Firm. We take the stress out of personal injury lawsuits by providing friendly and attentive client services and by bringing 17 years of legal experience to each case we handle.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident involving texting and driving, contact The Breslo Law Firm immediately to discuss your rights. Call 480-779-4660 .

Firm lawyer John Breslo has practiced personal injury law since 1993 and, in addition to extensive casework experience, has served as a course and seminar instructor regarding personal injury law.

We can conduct a thorough investigation aimed at proving negligence and documenting the full extent of your injuries. We can then provide an exhaustively prepared settlement presentation and negotiate aggressively for your maximum compensation. When insurers refuse to make a fair offer, we are experienced in courtroom litigation and have won numerous high-profile, high-value awards. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following a text-while-driving accident, contact our firm.

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