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What to Do After an Accident

Tempe Injury Attorney: Serving Arizona Since 1993

Almost everyone who has been in a minor accident knows what they did at the time, which was to talk. The very human desire to process, explain, apologize and justify is very powerful and is very difficult to resist.

Talking after an accident is also unwise from a legal standpoint. Even a minor “slip up” can affect a case’s value by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have been in an accident, it makes the most sense to contact an experienced lawyer. Any personal injury case you file, following an accident, will be governed by complex state and federal injury laws. As you wade into a complex legal situation, it’s important to do so while knowing your legal rights and under the concerned guidance of a knowledgeable Tempe accident lawyer.

The Tempe accident attorneys atThe Breslo Law Firm, have helped hundreds of clients following car crashes, truck and motorcycle and other types of accidents and can help you immediately following injuries. We can even visit you in your home or hospital. Our representation of injured clients and the families of wrongful death victims has resulted in numerous high-value settlement and verdict awards.

If you have been in an accident in Arizona, contact The Breslo Law Firm immediately to discuss your rights. Call 480-779-4660 .

Insurance agents will likely offer “helpful” assistance following your accident. They may even be “helpful” enough to appear on the scene.

Please remember insurance agents’ primary goal: to gather information to resolve any claim for the smallest possible sum. Any information they gather will likely be geared not toward a fast settlement, but toward a small settlement.

When you are injured in a car crash or other accident, be sure to protect your rights by consulting with an experienced Tempe injury lawyer. To arrange for a no charge consultation regarding your legal concerns following injuries, contact our office.

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We offer free initial consultations, can visit your home and hospital and are able to accommodate clients who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and other languages. Contact our Tempe accident lawyer firm, which is easily reached just off Loop 101 in Scottsdale, at 480-779-4660 .