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What is My Case Worth?

Committed to Full Value for Your Personal Injury Claim

After a car accident or other injury accident, it’s natural to wonder and worry about money. As the medical bills, lost paychecks and car repairs add up, so do your questions and anxieties:

  • “Who pays for this?
  • “What is my case worth?”
  • “When will I get the money?”
  • “Should I take the settlement offer?”

The experienced attorneys of The Breslo Law Firm know what your case is worth. We also know that the insurance companies will not willingly pay that amount. We put our skill and resources into extracting the full value of your accident-related claims.

What Is Your Case Worth?

You may be contacted by an insurance adjuster about a settlement of your case. It is tempting to take the offer and be done with all the stress and fuss. In our experience, a “quickie” offer means that your case is worth a lot more — and the insurance company knows it.

Our Scottsdale, Arizona, personal injury lawyers take a thorough approach to work up all the applicable damages. We may not get everything we ask for, but we are confident that we can negotiate a much better resolution than you would get by settling your own claim. We can and do go to trial when insurers fight liability or refuse to budge on unreasonably low offers.

We work with many professionals to calculate your damages by showing the impact on your life and anticipating your future needs. Depending on the nature of the accident and the extent of injuries, comprehensive compensation might include:

  • Medical care and rehab — Beyond the hospital bills, your compensation should cover future surgery and the ongoing costs of doctor visits and tests, physical therapy, pain medications and medical devices.
  • Personal care — Will your loved one require convalescent care, a round-the-clock nurse or a home health aide?
  • Disability accommodations — A permanent disability may require modifications to the home, a specially outfitted vehicle, transportation services or other adjustments.
  • Lost income — If you missed work because of your accident, the negligent party is accountable for your lost wages. If your injuries are permanently disabling or force you to take a lesser-paying job, we will bring in an economist to project your future lost earnings and benefits.
  • Vocational rehabilitation — We can seek compensation for costs of college or job training if you are forced to find a new line of work.
  • Loss of use — You may be entitled to consideration for partial paralysis, nerve damage, reduced range of motion or other limited function.
  • Disfigurement — You can be compensated for visible scars, a broken nose, a limp or other change in your appearance.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life — Do your injuries prevent you from participating in sports or leisure activities, engaging in sexual relations, or simply playing with your kids?
  • Pain and suffering — We work to show how the accident affects your daily life, such as chronic pain or headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue and the indignity of relying on others to help you with routine tasks.
  • Property damage — We can help get full coverage for your totaled vehicle or repairs.

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Needs

The Breslo Law Firm works closely with you and your doctors to cover all the bases. Contact us online or call 800-203-8709 . We offer home and hospital visits by request. We can accommodate clients who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and other languages.

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