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Arizona Personal Injury Claim Process

Let A Mesa Accident Lawyer With Experience Help You Through This Difficult Time

An auto accident is stressful and frustrating in so many ways. The pain and limitations of the injuries. The chaos in your work and home life. The medical bills and insurance hassles. The anxieties about your finances and your future.

The Breslo Law Firm is here to help. We act swiftly to protect your rights, hold the negligent driver accountable and keep the insurance companies honest. We take the time to explain your rights and what to expect from the legal process. We are accessible to answer your questions and assist with all the little problems until your lawsuit is resolved.

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The Personal Injury Claims Process

We strongly advise against dealing directly with the insurance company, especially if you have not talked to an attorney. You might innocently say something to the “helpful” claims adjuster that could and would be used to deny, delay or reduce your compensation. Bottom line: do not give an official statement or sign a waiver or settlement offer without legal advice.

For more information, see What to Do After a Car Accident.

Medical Treatment
You should see a doctor right away, even if you think your injuries are minor. You could make the injury worse without treatment and the injuries may be more extensive than you realize. Medical documentation is also very important to your injury claim. Continue to see your doctors.

Who Pays Your Bills?
In Arizona, your health insurance covers your initial medical bills. The other driver is accountable for: medical costs beyond your policy limits, your lost income, repair or replacement of your car, and compensation for pain and suffering or permanent disability. (See Insurance Coverage in Car Accidents).

Mesa Accident Lawyers at Breslo Law Firm, can help if you do not have medical insurance or if your insurer won’t pay your doctor bills. We can also help with your property damage claim and rental car coverage.

Insurance Adjusters
If negligence is clear and your losses are significant, the insurance companies will be eager to settle your claim quickly. In their perfect world, they will cut you a check before you hire an attorney. Don’t fall for the sweet talk or the threats. Call Mesa Injury Lawyer, John Breslo, before you try to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Gathering Evidence
If there is any question about who was at fault, it is important that we investigate promptly to preserve important evidence, including examination of the vehicle(s). Our legal team may visit the crash site and track down witnesses, and we have the resources to hire an accident reconstruction for a catastrophic or complex crash.

Do You Have a Case?
We will give you our honest assessment of whether you have a viable injury claim, what your case is worth and how to proceed. Our firm bears the upfront costs of hiring experts, and we do not take any attorney fees unless and until you receive compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit
Many clients are squeamish about suing the driver who is responsible. Taking this step moves your case along, tells the insurance company you are serious, and preserves your rights if no out-of-court solution is reached before the statute of limitations expires.

Settlement Negotiations
We work with a variety of professionals to calculate your damages. Our Mesa accident lawyers then negotiate with the insurance carrier and keep you advised of offers and counteroffers. We are committed to maximizing your damages. If the insurer won’t agree to fair and reasonable compensation, we will give you the facts to make an informed decision about accepting a settlement versus going to trial.

Going to Trial
Few personal injury cases ever go all the way to a jury verdict. Your case can be settled after a trial date is set, on the morning of the trial, or even after a trial is under way. We will usually try one more time to reach a settlement before taking your case to a jury. John C. Breslo is an experienced courtroom litigator who will fight for you when a trial cannot be avoided.

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