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Personal Injury Settlement vs. Trial

Glendale Accident Lawyer, Arizona

Very few personal injury lawsuits actually go to trial. However, the insurance company has little incentive to offer a fair settlement without the credible threat of a jury verdict for even more money.

The Breslo Law Firm has tried and won personal injury cases and settled hundreds of others. We know that this is not “play money” to you, but instead it is compensation for very real hardships and future needs. We will not sell your claim short by caving in to the first settlement offer.

We handle motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury claims in Scottsdale, the Phoenix region and statewide Arizona. Call a Glendale personal injury lawyer at 800-203-8709 to arrange a free consultation.

Taking a Settlement Versus Going to Trial

Insurance adjusters will often try to coax accident victims into signing a quick settlement. A check for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars may sound good, but in reality it may be ridiculously low compared to your actual losses.

Our attorneys know what your case is worth, and we consult with a variety of professionals to back up our calculation of damages. After we convince the insurer to come back with a better offer, we can assess whether to settle or go to court:

  • Is this their final offer? How far apart are we?
  • Are they downplaying the extent of your injuries?
  • Are they skimping on non-economic damages?
  • Do we have a compelling case for a jury?
  • Do you need the money now?
  • What have Arizona juries awarded in similar cases?

A trial may not happen until a year or more after your accident. Losing at trial would be devastating to you. But insurers have a lot at stake too; they do not want to risk a large jury award if they could settle your claim for just a little more.

Discuss Your Options in a Free Consultation

We collect attorney fees only if we secure compensation for you. We can’t guarantee a victory in court, but we also would not invest in a trial if we didn’t believe in the case. We can promise to fight for every dollar you need and deserve, in settlement negotiations or before a jury.

Contact us online or call 800-203-8709 . We offer home and hospital visits, and we welcome clients who speak Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and other languages.

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